Athletic Council

NNEC Athletic Council

  • The Athletic Council will endeavor to provide an athletic program that will strive toward the pursuit of excellence.
  • The Council will provide direction, leadership, and support for all teams, coaches, and student-athletes in our athletic program.
  • The Council will endeavor to treat all coaches and student-athletes with dignity and respect.
  • The Council believes that academics is a priority for all students.
  • The Council will encourage our coaches and student-athletes to foster a spirit of sportsmanship, volunteerism and pride in themselves, their athletic program, their school, and their community.
  • The Council will enforce all rules, policies, and procedures found within our athletic program and the Nova Scotia School Athletic Federation.


Athletics will be an integral part of school life at NNEC. Sports we expect to offer include: soccer, cross-country running, volleyball, basketball, hockey, curling, rugby, badminton, cheerleading, track & field, golf, skiing, softball, and baseball.

The availability of coaches and student-athletes will determine the number of teams we will have at NNEC. All students are encouraged to both try-out for teams and become involved to support our various sports programs.


It is a privilege for students to become a member of a school team. Student-athletes will be expected to participate in fundraisers and support student council sponsored events. This includes assisting with special projects such as tournaments, work on fields, setting up/taking down of equipment in the gym, getting the fields ready prior to a game and cleaning up after an event.

It is important that student-athletes feel that they are part of the total athletic program. Supporting other teams by attendance at games and tournaments is important. Our focus should be to develop within the school, a family of Gryphon teams, with all teams supporting one another and each success being everyone’s success.

In the spirit of competition, our athletes should make use of the opportunities to meet and get to know the student-athletes from other schools.

It is expected that our student-athletes display a respect for players on opposing teams, officials, coaches, teammates, and the facilities they are using.

Seasons of Play

Fall Season

Winter Season

Spring Season

Major: Soccer


Major: Basketball


Major: Softball*


Track & Field

Minor: Golf


Cross Country Running

Minor: Badminton


Table Tennis




*Softball, Rugby, and Track & Field have coinciding dates for both Regional and Provincial tournaments.


A student-athlete can play one (1) major sport per season.

Attendance/commitment to a major sport takes preference over a student-athletes attendance/commitment to a minor sport, Junior Varsity, and/or Division II sport.

A student-athlete can play soccer first and either basketball or hockey next, as long as the following conditions are met:

A) The respective coaches must consult early and agree upon the conditions by which the student-athlete can both practice and play games during the overlap of these seasons.

B) The student-athlete must agree to and adhere to these conditions set down by the coaches.

A student-athlete cannot play volleyball, then basketball. The period of time the seasons overlap is too long, and the commitment required for practices and games has proven to be very challenging and demanding for student-athletes within these respective sports. Therefore it is in the best interest of all those involved, especially the student-athlete, that they choose to play either volleyball or basketball.

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