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The Student Services Division of the Education Services Department has the overall regional responsibility for providing, within available resources, leadership, resources (human and material) and support to schools such that appropriate programs and support services are planned and implemented to accommodate the growth and development of students with identified special needs.

Students with special needs are those children and youth who exhibit significant differences in growth and/or development which may require adaptations and/or changes to curriculum, learning materials, methodology, facilities, equipment and/or support services to meet their individual learning needs.

The Student Services Division supports the development and provision of appropriate educational opportunities for children and adolescents with special needs. Special needs may be:

  • behavioural
  • cognitive
  • emotional
  • gifts and talents
  • learning disabilities
  • physical disabilities and/or health needs
  • sensory (vision, hearing, tactile)
  • social
  • speech and/or communication disorders

All students need the knowledge and skills to lead independent and purposeful lives. Students will acquire knowledge and skills to varying degrees depending upon the interaction among several factors, including the nature and degree of the student's exceptional needs, the motivation of the student, and the effectiveness of school / home / and community support systems. Students who require special education services can have many, if not all, of their needs met in regular classrooms through the use of a variety of teaching and evaluation strategies, materials and supports. Individual student needs are carefully examined and decisions are made in the context of the principle "only as special as necessary".

Class Structure

The programming offered to students attending classes within the Learning Centre is delivered according to the goals and outcomes indicated on the students' Individualized Program Plan or IPP. An IPP is developed in consideration of the student's strengths and challenges. The outcomes in the IPP form the foundation for the evaluation of student progress. Parents are provided an opportunity to clarify information about the students strengths and challenges and help decide on future program planning. Throughout the year, your child's IPP will be reviewed and modifications or changes may be made if necessary.

Classroom Instruction

Instruction is delivered by the classroom teacher and supported by educational assistants working within the classroom. Depending on the learning requirements of the student, the following services and/or programs may also be incorporated into the students' IPP: Speech Language-Pathology, Occupational Therapy, Physitherapy, and Atlantic Provinces Special Education Authority (APSEA) to name a few.

Parent/Guardian Questions or Concerns

Throughout the school year there may be questions and concerns that arise concerning yoru child's progress. If you have any concerns or if you would like to schedule an after school appointment to allow for privacy and uninterrupted discussion, please feel free to contact the Classroom Teacher or Administration.

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