Emergency Evacuation Plan

In case of an emergency, North Nova (in coordination with the New Glasgow Police Department, CCRSB, and local businesses) has the following plan for Code Black (evacuation and relocation of the entire school) and Code Blue (lockdown).

Code Black (Evacuation & Relocation)

All students and staff will leave the property (walking only; no vehicles may leave the property) and reassemble in three nearby locations (Bluenose Curling Rink, Summer St. Industries & the First United Baptist Church).

A primary perimeter around the school will be put in place.  Manned Road Blocks will be set up at both the Parkdale Track and Westray Memorial Park.   All homes and businesses within this perimeter will be evacuated.

Bluenose Curling Club:  All special needs students, students with mobility issues (ie. using crutches, wheelchairs etc.) and students with last names from A to E

Summer St. Industries:  Students with last names from  F to  MacNeill

First United Baptist Church:  Main Church Floor - Students with last names from MacPherson to Z

If required, students  would be bussed home from these locations.  The New Glasgow Regional Police Station will serve as the Central Communication Centre. 

Code Blue (Lockdown)

When a lockdown is called  students will remain in the building until evacuated by police.  The primary perimeter will be put in place as well as a secondary perimeter with manned road blocks set up at both the end of Walkerville Road and near the corner of Park & Summer Streets. 

If Code BLUE leads to a Code BLACK, students will be evacuated from the school and taken to one of the relocation sites for processing and release.  In addition to NNEC’s evacuation, all homes and businesses within the secondary perimeter will be evacuated and taken to relocation sites.

The basement of the First United Church will serve as the Central Communication Centre.

Students will be evacuated one classroom at a time, therefore, parents are advised to expect a several hour delay in students being processed and released during a Code Blue Lockdown that has led to a Code Black evacuation situation.

Although our hope is that we never have to use either of these emergency codes, we need to be prepared.  Please keep this information somewhere safe to have on hand if needed.