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Department Head: Mr. Andrew Parsons


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This is a three-year program designed as an alternative to secondary school for students who are interested in a program that combines academic courses with occupational skills training and on-the-job experience.  Students entering grade 10 are eligible to apply for the Career Exploration Program.  Students entering grades 11 & 12 will also be considered.

The following is a list of the shop options.  Additional shops may be offered as demand and resources allow.  The school reserves the right not to offer a shop/course should unforeseen circumstances arise.

Automotive:    Auto Systems, Auto Maintenance 11 & 12

Building Systems:    Building Systems Maintenance, Building Systems Technology 11 & 12

Food Service:    Food Preparation and Service 10, Dining Guest Services 11 &12 & Food Science 12

Human Health Services:  Family Studies 10 & 12, Child Studies 11, Canadian Families 12

For your convenience the Course Descriptions for these shops are in the document below. 

Each shop is accompanied by a co-op work placement credit.  Students will take part in work experience for a total of four weeks, two weeks in the fall and two weeks in the spring.  The co-op work placement must relate closely to the shop course the student is taking.

Students completing this program will graduate with a NS High School Diploma and can go to community college or other suitable post-secondary program or directly to work.  After three years in the Career Exploration Program most students will have the following:  12 weeks of Co-op work experience; WHMIS; First Aid; additional certificates such as Fall Arrest & Food Safe Level I; and a resume.

If you would like more information, please call the Career Exploration Program Department Head, Andrew Parsons  at 902-755-8180 x 6141.

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