Mondays:  12:00-12:45 PM Concert Choir;  3:20-5:00 PM Jazz Band

Tuesdays:  7:45-8:50 AM Jazz Choir;  3:20-5:00 PM Concert Band

Wednesday:  7:45-8:50 AM Jazz Band; 3:20-5:00 PM Jazz Choir

Thursdays:  7:45-8:50 AM Concert Choir

Fridays: 7:50-8:45 AM Concert Band


Our annual holiday concert will be held on Sunday, December 10th starting at 2 pm.  As part of the Holiday Concert, we'll be having a Silent Auction.  We need your help in obtaining items for the Auction.  So if you have a business, or connections with someone with a business, please use the attached letter to request support.  Coordinator for the silent auction is Kelly Atwater.  We are looking for a few parents to assist Kelly with the task of gathering and putting together the silent auction items.  Kelly can be contacted at or (902) 305-2723. Proceeds from the silent auction will be used to support general music program expenses as outlined in the letter.

At the Holiday Concert we will also be having an intermission, so as the time gets closer, we'll be reaching out to parents to bring food for the event. 


We are once again using this as a fundraiser to allow students to build up credits in their fundraising account.  This will be an on-line fundraiser only.  Catalogues are available in the music room, and have the necessary logon information, which I will also share below.  You can email friends and family with this information and they can go online and make their own orders and/or magazine renewals.  If you have anyone that is not comfortable doing the on-line ordering themselves, you can collect the money from them and place the on-line order on their behalf.

To order you go to .  You will then be asked for the Group ID, which is:  4986915.  You then fill in the name of the student that is doing the fundraising.  Then when ask for Teacher/Team name, put in:  NNEC MUSIC.  From there you beginning shopping for your magazines.  We receive a cheque from QSP for a percentage of the sales (30 - 50 %), and the names of the students that have earned the amounts.  The student's fundraising account is then credited with the amount sent to us by QSP.


On October 3rd we made a random draw of all the names signed up on the Facebook Page for NNEC Music 2017-2018.  The winner of the one semester fees was Christina Snyder.  Congratulations !


We have at least 97 students that have registered or are in the process of registering for Band and Choir.  This includes 28 grade 9 students.  There are 16 returning students that still need to submit registration forms and payments.  There are an additional 9 students that have submitted registration forms, but have not submitted payments.  If you are in either of these categories, please make the necessary arrangements to get these forms and payments in.  I'll be sending out individual emails to these families.


Students who wish to further their musical experiences may want to consider joining one of the provincial music groups:

These groups will typically meet for three weekends throughout the school year.  There are additional fees to attend these groups, however, the music auxiliary has bursaries that can cover up to $100 of these costs.  See attached form. 

If you are interested in any of these programs, check  out the websites and/or see your music teachers about the process of joining these groups.


If you have not  received your casual T-Shirt, please email me with your size.


This provincial fundraiser for the Los Primos Society will begin on Nov 1st.  Please check out for more information on this organizations.

Raffle tickets are sold on one week Cuba vacation for 4.  Tickets are $2 each or 3 for $5.  Students who sell tickets will receive 50% of their ticket sales as Fundraising Credits.  We'll be setting up times at various locations to sell tickets, so please sign up when the time comes.

Tickets will be distributed the week of Nov 1st.


If you would like to know your Fundraising Account balance, please send us an email.  Fundraising Credits stays with your for your entire time at NNEC.  Left over credits from graduating students are transferred to siblings in the program, or can be designated to another student.  Undesignated credits are transferred to general revenue and used to offset the cost of bursaries.

Fundraising credits left over from your time at New Glasgow Academy are transferable to your NNEC Fundraising Account.

Fundraising credits can be used to offset the cost of registration fees and/or music trips.  They cannot be returned to students or parents as cash.

Thanks for your ongoing support for Music at NNEC,


Doug Mann


NNEC Music Aux