Staff Directory

Administration Office Phone:  902-755-8180   

Fax:  902-755-6701

Attendance Line:  902-755-8180 Option 1

[Please Note:  Attendance Line is checked Weekdays between 8:00 am and 3:00 pm.  Messages left after 3:00 pm will not be retrieved until the following day of classes.)

Please leave your child's name and reason for the absence. 


Ann Findlay (she/her)


xt 0

Mark Arbuckle (he/him)


xt 0

Lia Lewis (she/her)

Vice-Principal xt 0

Mathieu Gauthier (he,him)

Vice-Principal / Registrar

xt 0

Student  Services

Myla Borden

Learning Support Teacher (11) xt 20302
Bernice Cameron

Learning Centre Teacher xt 1052

Nick Davison

Learning Centre Teacher

xt 2007

Wendy Doiron

Learning Support Teacher (10) xt 20301

Jennifer Giles

School Counselor Gr. 9 & 10 xt 1021

Debbie Lochead

School Counselor Gr. 11 & Gr. 12 xt 1022

Marilyn Sandluck

Learning Support Teacher (12) xt 21662

Aaron Smith

Learning Support Teacher (9) xt 21661

Teaching Staff

Eliza Abbass

Science (Virtual High) xt 21781

Sheila Aucoin

Music xt 1111

Beth-Ann Bowman (she/her)

Science xt 2183

Scott Bowman (he,him)

Computer Technology xt 1056

Sam Cameron

Shane Cormier (he,him) Physical Education

xt 1160

Aaron Davison

Math xt 1180

Kerry Delorey (she/her)

English xt 1166
Dana DeMings

Science xt 2184

Kerri Denny

Math xt 1181

Julienne Doucet

French Immersion

xt 2031 

Ian Ebbett (he,him)

Social Studies xt 2161

Kate Fesmire

Math / Science xt 2180

Shaun Fillmore


xt 1161

Brock Fraser

Math / Science xt 2180

Rebecca Fraser

Virtual High xt 

Danielle Gauthier

Social Studies xt 2160

Patrick Gordon (he,him)

Skilled Trades

xt 1122

Ian Grant (he,him)

Music xt 1111

Lachlan Gillis

Math xt 1183

Shane Hampton

Physical Education xt 1141

Patrick Havard

Math / Science xt 1048

Shauna Heighton (she/her)

Leadership / Physical Education xt 1178

Adeline Hewey (she/her)

English / Academic Support xt 2010

Cavelle  Hughes

Co-op / Social Studies

xt 2011 

Scott Hughes

Science 9 xt 2185

Janet Johnston

    xt 2162

Rachael Kinch

CEP Food Services / Psychology xt 1116

Zach Langlois

Physical Education / Athletic Director xt 11471

Shawna-Kay Lawrence (she/her)

English / Academic Support xt 1163
Jennifer Lowther Math

xt 1185

Dara MacCallum

English / Child Studies xt 2010

Kara MacDonald

French Immersion / Core French 9  

Erin MacDonald

English xt 1164

Laura MacDonald (she/her)

English / Social Studies xt 2020

Daniel McDowell

English xt 2010

Shelby Park

Math   xt 1182

Andrew Parsons

CEP / Technology  

Eric Pelton

Science xt 2183

Edward Place (he,him)

Automotive / CEP / Skilled Trades xt 1124

Andrea Robben

English xt 1165

Ben Robichaud

Social Studies xt 2165

Brian Snyder

Virtual High xt 21782

Ed Stewart

Science xt 2012

Josh Tremblett (he,him)

Mathematics xt 1184

Bryant Vance (he/him)

Fine Arts xt 1067

Trevor Whyte (he,him)

Social Studies xt 2163

Louise Wilkinson

Fine Arts xt 1065

School Psychologist



School Psychologist



Library Services


Susan Cochrane (she/her)


xt 1047

Administrative Assistants


Susan Kennedy

Administrative Assistant

xt 10063

Donna MacGregor (she/her)

Administrative Assistant

xt 10061

April Newcombe (she/her)

Administrative Assistant

xt 10060

Student Monitors


Patsy Fitzpatrick

Student Monitor

None listed

xt 10061

Natalie Gero

Student Monitor

xt 10061

Educational Assistants


Claude Balesdent (he,him)

Educational Assistant

xt 10061

Allyson Crosby

Educational Assistant

xt 2028

Lynn Gray

Educational Assistant xt 2007

Donna Humphreys

Educational Assistant

xt 10061

Jodi MacIvor (she/her)

Educational Assistant xt 1053

Mary White (she/her)

Educational Assistant

xt 1053

Computer Technician

April Weir

ITSS                                             xt 2043


First Nations Support Worker

Rachel Francis

Student Support Worker xt 1095

African Nova Scotia Support Worker

Tamika Borden

Student Support Worker

xt 1177

School Resource Officer

Cst. Ken MacDonald

School Resource

xt 1025

Health Center

Kathy Wasson

Youth Health Center

xt 1027


Mike Falcitelli

Day Custodian xt 0

Treena Langille

Night Custodian xt 0

Mark MacEachern

Night Custodian xt 0

Linda MacNeill

Night Custodian xt 0

Kim Rector

Night Custodian xt 0