Parents FAQ

Q:    My child will be absent today, who do I contact?

A:    To report an absence please phone the school at 902-755-8180 extension 6104. 

Please leave a message stating the student’s name, reason, grade and date of the absence.


Q:    I have moved, how do I get the information I need to register at my new school?

A:    You should bring a copy of your most recent report card with you to your new school.  This will help when picking

        out courses.  Your new school should contact Mr. Gauthier, our Registrar, by phoning 902-755-8180

        or by e-mail at


Q:   My child has been absent and I need to get homework, who do I contact?

A:    If your son/daughter has been absent, please contact their teachers to discuss how to best proceed.


Q:    I have concerns that my child is not attending class regularly.  What should I do?

A:    NNEC believes that attendance is vital to academic success.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding attendance

        you can contact one of our vice-principal’s by phoning 902-755-8180 extension 0.

        Vice Principals:    Mr. M. Arbuckle (A-Hendsbee), Mr. M. Gauthier (Hennessey-MacPherson) Ms. L. Lewis (MacQuarrie-Z)


Q:    I have concerns about my child's abilities, or I think they may need some extra help to succeed.  What should I do?

A:    NNEC believes that all students can achieve academic success, regardless of their abilities.  If you have any questions or concerns that may need to be addressed through our resource

        or learning centres, please contact the school to speak to one of our many resource teachers:

        Grade 9 - Mr. A. Smith 902-755-8180 extension 21661 or email

        Grade 10 - Ms. W. Doiron 902-755-8180 extension 20312 or email

        Grade 11 - Ms. M. Borden 902-755-8180 extension 20301 or email

        Grade 12 - Ms. M. Sandluck 902-755-8180 extension 21662 or email

        Learning Centre

        Mr. N. Davison 902-755-8180 extension 2007 or email

        Ms. B. Cameron 902-755-8180 extension 1052 or email