Sign-up for PowerSchool Today!

To sign up for your Power School account, please contact our school’s registrar, Mathieu Gauthier, at 755-8180, to receive instructions and access passwords.

By logging on to your own private online account, the portal that gives students and parents quick and easy access to their current marks, attendance records, assignment due dates, and school announcements. It gives families a window on the classroom like never before. The student-parent portal opens a new avenue of communication between home and school.   

The portal gives parents near-instantaneous updates on their child’s status.  Within minutes of a class starting, parents can see if their child is late or skipping class.

The portal can alert a family of a pattern that may be developing so they can deal with the situation before things get out of hand.

The online system helps students succeed as well. It puts students in the driver’s seat. They can see what their mark is for a given assignment and their running average. If it’s lower than expected they can go back to their teacher and say, ‘Is there something I can do to improve my mark in this area?’ and put in that extra work before it’s too late.”

Students, parents and teacherswho have had a chance to use this web-based portal are excited. Parents like the fact that they can be more in-tune and involvedin their children’s education, and teachers like how easy and fast it is to manage their information and communicate with students and parents.