No School on the following dates 2020-21

May 24th - Victoria Day

June 28th - Assessment & Evaluation Day

June 29th - Assessment & Evaluation Day

School News

Signing Out During Classtime

Parents are reminded to contact the school (902) 755-8180 Option 1, no later than 1:00 pm when excusing their child during last period (1:15-3:10 pm).  This will allow time for office staff to enter the absence into the system prior to teachers taking attendance at the beginning of 3rd period, as well as, reducing the number of classroom disruptions.

End of School Year Update

On April 13th, 2021, the Nova Scotia government made an announcement has led to a few changes in our school calendar and end of year events:

1. Our last instructional day will be June 11th.

Graduate Information Form

All grads are required to complete the Graduate Information Form.  This form can be found by using this link:


Upcoming Events

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May 7th

Last Day for Grads to submit their on-line Grad Information Form

The information on this form will be used when awarding Graduation Scholarships & Bursaries.


June 14th to 18th

Final Assessment Week

High school students will participate in summative assessments the week of June 14 as planned. This may look different than previous years and can take a variety of forms, including but not limited to: presentations, interviews, performances, portfolios, exams, and projects.

Teachers will communicate information on the summative assessment for their course, including the date(s) and weight of the assessment to students no later than May 21.

In regards to provincial exams, NSE provincial English 10 and Mathematics 10 exams will not be administered this year, however, classroom summative final assessments will occur in place of these.





Visit for the most up-to-date information from CCRCE. 

Updates will continue to be posted on both the school’s facebook page (see link above) and this website, so please check back often.
A complete staff directory is available on this website under the staff tab. A link to this directory is also available on our facebook page. 



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